3 Tips For Organizing Your Cleaning Closet

Having a disorganized cleaning closet is one of the most annoying things when it comes to cleaning. Once you find that your closet is not organized, you will feel disappointed.

When you keep your closet clean and organized, you will notice the following.
• You will be more motivated to clean the house.
• You will find the supplies you need easily.
• You will know exactly what supplies do you need to buy.

Here is our guide to have a clean, organized cleaning closet that will motivate you to clean your house regularly.

1. You Must Have Cleaning Supplies:
The first step is to know what supplies you already have and what you need to buy. This quick survey will force you to remove all the content of the cleaning closet and re-order them in a way that makes more sense.

2. The Contents of Your Cleaning Closet:
Any cleaning closet should include the following items:
• A vacuum.
• A broom, mop, and bucket.
• Cleaning tools such as paper towels and sponges.
• Cleaning substances such as sprays, glass cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, and other types of substances.

Of course, you can add whatever you want to this list as long as it belongs to the cleaning closet. However, if you have tools and/or substances that perform the same jobs, start re-organizing your closet.

3. Everything Should Be in Place:
Now, you have many options regarding organizing your closet and the substances and tools you are going to purchase. However, everything depends on your budget, the items you need, and the size of your closet.
To solve this problem, here are our recommendations.
• Buy a Hook Rack from Any Container Store:
What do you feel when you open your cleaning closet and all the thin, long items fall over each other leaving a terrible mess? Items like the mop, duster, broom, and others are thin and long. When they fall over on top of each other, they become very challenging to separate.
The solution is to get a rack. Now, you can place all these thin items in a way that is very easy to access.
• Use The Door:
The door of the closet if a great place to store items. However, most people don’t use it. It can be a great place to put all the fluids you have and other cleaning substances.
• Have Bins:
Getting clear, large bins will help you to keep things organized. Sort them as you like. You might know more about kitchen cleaning process by clicking.

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